SBI Bank New Update: Money Will Double in Two Years in This Scheme of State Bank of India

SBI Bank New Update: State Bank of India (SBI) has introduced a new update in its banking schemes that promises significant returns within a shorter duration. This article aims to delve into the details of this lucrative scheme and explore its benefits for investors.

Table of Contents

  1. Interest Rates Available on FD in SBI Bank
  2. Benefits of Scheme in SBI
  3. The Advantage of Compound Interest
  4. Understanding the Rules of the Scheme

Interest Rates Available on FD in SBI Bank

SBI, being one of the leading banks in India, offers competitive interest rates on fixed deposits (FDs). Currently, customers can avail themselves of a 7.4 percent interest rate on FDs deposited for 2 years. For senior citizens, the interest rate is even more attractive, standing at 7.90%. Furthermore, ordinary citizens can earn 7.10 percent on investments made for one year, while senior citizens receive 7.60 percent.

Benefits of Scheme in SBI

The flexibility and attractive returns of SBI’s fixed deposit scheme make it stand out among other investment options. Customers can invest amounts ranging from a minimum of 15 lakhs to a maximum of two crores, making it accessible to a wide range of investors. This scheme is particularly beneficial for retired individuals with substantial PPF savings, providing them with a reliable avenue for wealth preservation and growth. While investments exceeding two crores are accepted, the interest rate may slightly decrease by 0.05 percent.

The Advantage of Compound Interest

One of the key advantages of investing in SBI’s fixed deposit scheme is the compounded interest. Senior citizens, in particular, stand to benefit from this feature, as they can earn up to 7.82% annually on deposits ranging from 15 lakhs to 2 crores for one year. For a two-year deposit, the return increases to 8.14 percent. Even for larger deposits between two crores and five crores, senior citizens can enjoy competitive interest rates of 7.77% for one year and 7.61% for two years, along with the benefits of compound interest.

Understanding the Rules of the Scheme

It’s crucial for investors to understand the rules governing SBI’s fixed deposit scheme. Once invested, the money cannot be withdrawn before maturity, as it is a non-callable scheme. Early withdrawal may result in penalties as per the guidelines set by the State Bank of India.

For those seeking stability and substantial returns on their investments, SBI’s fixed deposit scheme offers a reliable option worth considering.


In conclusion, the recent update from SBI regarding its fixed deposit scheme presents an enticing opportunity for investors to grow their wealth efficiently. With competitive interest rates and the assurance of compounded returns, this scheme caters to the diverse needs of customers, especially retirees and individuals looking for secure investment avenues.


  1. Can I withdraw my money from SBI’s fixed deposit scheme before maturity?
    • No, the scheme does not allow early withdrawals without incurring penalties.
  2. What is the minimum investment amount for SBI’s fixed deposit scheme?
    • The minimum investment amount is 15 lakhs.
  3. Who can benefit the most from SBI’s fixed deposit scheme?
    • Retired individuals with significant PPF savings and those seeking stable returns on their investments.
  4. Are the interest rates fixed or subject to change?
    • Interest rates may vary based on prevailing market conditions.
  5. Is there a maximum limit for investments in SBI’s fixed deposit scheme?
    • The maximum limit is two crores, with slightly reduced interest rates for larger investments.

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