MP Board 10th Result 2024: All You Need to Know!

MP Board 10th Result 2024: The tension is palpable, the anticipation is soaring, and hearts are pounding faster with each passing day. For all the Class 10 students who battled the MP Board exams 2024, the wait for the results is nearing its end. Gear up, future leaders, because this guide will equip you with everything you need to know about the forthcoming MP Board 10th Result 2024.

Exam Period: February 5 – 28, 2024 (Phew, you’ve conquered it!) Expected Result Announcement: May 2024 (Official date to be revealed soon)

Multiple Avenues to Access Your Scores: MP Board 10th Result 2024

  • Online: Dive into the digital world and check your results on the official websites:,, and
  • Offline: Remain grounded and collect your results from your school.

A Treasure Trove of Information Awaits:

  • Overall Pass Percentage: Discover how your peers fared and get an overview of the performance.
  • Gender-Wise Breakdown: Analyze the performance gap and celebrate shared successes.
  • Toppers List: Draw inspiration from the academic champions and aim higher.
  • Individual Marksheet: Unveil your personal scorecard and understand your strengths and areas for improvement.

Unlocking Your Online Results: MP Board 10th Result 2024

  1. Navigate to the official website: Choose your preferred platform from the listed options.
  2. Click on the designated link: Look for “MP Board 10th Result 2024” and click with confidence.
  3. Enter your credentials: Punch in your roll number and application number – remember, they’re your keys to success.
  4. Submit and Rejoice: Click on “Submit” and witness your results unfold.

The Convenience of SMS: MP Board 10th Result 2024

  1. Type and send: Craft a message with “MP10 <space> your roll number” and send it to 5887355555.
  2. Results at your fingertips: Receive your result directly on your phone – instant gratification in a text!

Remember, Every Mark Counts: MP Board 10th Result 2024

  • Minimum Marks for Success: Aim for at least 33% in each subject to celebrate passing with flying colors.
  • Dissatisfied? Re-evaluation is Your Right: If you believe your marks don’t reflect your efforts, consider applying for re-evaluation or re-totaling.
  • Understanding “SUPTH”: This notation indicates you need to retake that subject in the compartment exam. Don’t worry, you’ve got another chance!

Stay Updated, Stay Empowered: MP Board 10th Result 2024

Bookmark this page and visit the official websites regularly for the latest announcements regarding the MP Board 10th Result 2024 date and time. Remember, knowledge is power!

Words of Encouragement: MP Board 10th Result 2024

As you await your results, remember that the journey is just as important as the destination. Stay calm, focus on your future endeavors, and don’t hesitate to seek guidance from your teachers or counselors. We believe in you!

Bonus Tip: Share this informative guide with your classmates and friends appearing for the MP Board 10th exams. Together, you can navigate this exciting phase with knowledge and support.

MP Board 10th Result 2024: Key Information at a Glance

Information Details
Exam Period February 5 – 28, 2024
Expected Result Date May 2024 (Official date to be announced)
Where to Check Online,, and
Where to Check Offline Your School
Information Available in Results Overall pass percentage, gender-wise breakdown, toppers list, individual marksheet
How to Check Online 1. Visit any official website listed above. 2. Click “MP Board 10th Result 2024” link. 3. Enter roll number and application number. 4. Click “Submit” and view results.
How to Check via SMS 1. Type “MP10 <space> your roll number” and send to 5887355555. 2. Receive results on your phone.
Minimum Marks to Pass 33% in each subject
Re-evaluation/Re-totaling Available for students dissatisfied with their marks
Meaning of “SUPTH” Need to reappear for that subject in the compartment exam
Stay Updated Check this page and official websites regularly for latest announcements

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